I have had knee pain in both knees for years.  Doing steps and getting in and out of the car were particularly painful.  I had arthroscopic surgery on one knee in 2002 and was headed for knee replacement.  I've had 4 treatments on both knees and am very pleased with the results.  My knees feel stronger, I am gardening without pain, and even looking forward to a trip to the hills of Ireland with my daughter and granddaughter in the spring.

-Kathy J

I was experiencing chronic lower back pain for about six years. I was constantly taking Ibuprofen and had gone to a different chiropractor, only to be told there was nothing they could do. Two months ago, I came to Osterberg Chiropractic and through their exercises and expertise I became much better. My pain level is now the lowest it has ever been and I am able to do a great deal more than before. After six years, I now have a success story thanks to Osterberg.

-Kelsey B.

I was experiencing chest pain on my right side where my ribs connect to my sternum for three months. I went to my primary care physician and he told me to quit my job, which was not an option. Instead I came to Osterberg Chiropractic and my pain improved through the use of their great equipment and technology.

-Chase T.

I was in severe pain for almost three weeks. Then I was referred to the Osterberg Chiropractic. Went there on Tuesday, and by Wednesday afternoon I could walk downstairs (straight) and with "No Pain" or help (and with only "ONE" treatment thus far!) Three weeks of pain and meds - gone in one day! I would recommend Dr. Eric and his staff to everyone.

-Sarah S.

I had extreme pain in my back when I started. After a few sessions I have felt much better. Now I have no back pain. At this time, normal life activities have been much easier.

-Jason R.

I can’t thank Dr. Osterberg and his staff enough for their help and friendliness. They are the BEST!!! My back and neck are 1,000 times better! I recommend them to everyone!

-April H.

When I came in my neck hurt when I turned it from side to side. I was taking pills for the pain. After about 6 visits my neck is a lot better. I’m not taking as many pills as I was before. I’m glad I came back to Dr. Osterberg.

-Pat L.

Developed soreness in my right elbow. Had pain gripping and lifting. Began treatment for this condition, muscle stimulation and ultrasound. After about 8 treatments condition improved 100%. No longer wake in the middle of the night with pain and no longer have pain lifting.

-William H.

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